„A good data room is like a health check - being well-prepared in good time prevents undesired surprises“
Real Estate Struccess

Data rooms and document management:
one of our core competencies


tpic_datenraumFor more than 5 years, STRUCCESS is the only company on the German market which offers the design, development and management of data rooms and due diligence processes for the real estate industry  via a single source. We put particular emphasis on ensuring a thorough and coherent management process. In recent years, our customers have come to appreciate the importance of a consistent and structured document management process. STRUCCESS implements these processes and creates the necessary workflow according to the customer´s needs.

Creation of complete data room based on an individual data room index:

  • Viewing of paper and digital documents and information
  • Identifying the relevant documents for the sales or asset management process
  • Checking of documents for completeness, plausibility and conclusiveness
  • Pointing out red flags or important tasks to be completed
  • Obtaining missing or out-of-date documents from government agencies (e.g. cadastral map, landregister or building permits)
  • Maintaining and updating of the data room

Implementation of a consistent document management:

  • Analysing current situation
  • Defining goals together with the customer
  • Developing an individual strategy/optimizing document management
  • Evaluating in-house document management software versus external data room provider
  • Providing a summary of experience working with internal and/or external data room platforms and document management systems (pros and cons)
  • Installing and implementing a predefined work-flow for a new document management structure
  • Rearranging paper and digital documents intothe new document structure