„In today’s world, well structured data room, due diligence and transaction processes express an individual’s professionalism and form the basis of modern transaction and asset management.“
Real Estate Struccess

Requirement for a successful transaction process:
thorough preparation and detailed implementation


tpic_prozesseDue to our many years of experience in due diligence and transaction processes, we know that one essential prerequisite to a successful transaction is a well prepared and carefully conducted process. Transaction security and clearly defined time frame are at the foreground.

Coordination of DD processes through STRUCCESS includes:

  • Determining the focus of analysis and objectives
  • Defining and observing timelines, milestones and scope of work
  • Serving as main contact, coordinator and manager of the interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Informing customers about potential red flags
  • Editing due diligence reports/analysis and summary of information and results
  • Preparing a SWOT-analysis
  • Offering solutions and recommendations regarding negotiation strategies

From sales preparation to closing – Management of sales and purchase processes

  • Providing support by analysing, compiling and assessing the properties for sale
  • Upon request, preparation of investor´s long list, later reduced to a short list
  • Developing marketing material (teaser and information memorandum)
  • Giving support during contract negotiation
  • Finishing scope of work of purchaser and vendor due diligence
  • Drawing up of and reviewing of appendices (list of rental agreement, guarantees, other contracts etc.)
  • Preparation and handover of documents