Real Estate Struccess

offers many advantages…

tpic_reasonSTRUCCESS provides a large range of services in the field of asset and transaction management – offering extensive scope of support and bearing many advantages to our customers.

Relief of staff: Supporting customer´s staff. Where it was not possible for our customers to increase their staff numbers during the last years despite purchasing additional assets, STRUCCESS helps
to compensate this bottle-neck with an experienced team and many years of know-how in the real estate market.

Ensuring quality standards: Banks have become more restrictive in granting credits – wellstructured processes help in creating confidence. The know-how of STRUCCESS from processes with retail, office, logistic and residential assets means a consistently high quality.

Optimizing purchase price: A detailed preparation leads to a better negotiation position due to fewer guarantees and warranties. Red flags are recognized and can be taken into consideration during the negotiation. STRUCCESS offers a wealth of experience through numerous sales processes totaling more than EUR 13 bn.

Security, transparency and time saving: Access to relevant asset data and information at all times. This leads to security and time saving. STRUCCESS supports with quick decision-making, a high level of flexibility and autonomous, self-reliant action.

Professionell market presence creates confidence: Well structured processes are the basis for a professional market presence. Real estate industry becomes more and more transparent; therefore market participants are observed more carefully – companies meet repeatedly. STRUCCESS delivers comprehensive expertise for asset and transaction management by structuring and optimizing processes.